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as many ravens fans booking flights out of baltimore as we are 49ers fans coming out of san francisco. >> brian: i am surprised by that because these people have been starved to get back to the big game. >> it's not cheap to get there. you're looking at $1,500 for a round trip ticket from san francisco and about 1200 from baltimore. >> brian: i tried o book a flight two weeks ago. >> you have to go a couple days early, maybe stay later to get better deals on air fare and find flights that have seats left. also know that most of the hotels in the city, near will he all are sold out, unless you're willing to pay $1,500 for a hotel room. you need to look at places like baton rouge, biloxi and gulf port. >> brian: do you think i should recommend to stay until wednesday to save the company money? >> absolutely. >> brian: anything for fox. thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. enjoyed your hit this morning. 27 minutes after the hour. next, parents banned from visiting their kids at school. does that go a little bit too far? there are two sides to this story. we'll give you both. t
lead in the title game against the 49ers. san francisco ends up winning this game, 28-24 for its first super bowl invite since 1995. ravens linebacker ray lewis' career will close on the biggest stage of them all. baltimore beating the patriots 28-13. this is really a second half kind of game in the afc title game. the super bowl 13 days away. it will take place inside the dome in new orleans. >>> a view of the oil boom. this is all from space. all those lights, those are gas flairs caused by the burning of natural gas at oil wells. >> steve: i see new jersey. >> gretchen: take a closer look. that's north dakota actually. a very different picture from six years ago when you would have only seen darkness. right now it's the second largest oil producing state in the united states behind texas. those are your headlines. because of all that fracking going on up there. >> brian: that's great news and hopes we have for the next four years because natural gas, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. >>> in a few hours, president obama will take his oath of office. some say as many as 800,000
this morning about why liberalism has failed blacks. wonderful column about just focusing on san francisco, what liberal policies have done to black workers and the black family. i would challenge colin powell frankly, to a debate on whether liberalism, climate change regulation he wants, i guess more affirmative action. he's pro choice, and now he believes that immigration amnesty is going to help i guess the wages of the black family? liberalism has been an utter disaster for black america. and i don't think, frankly, in that "meet the press" appearance we heard much about the abysmal failure of those policy when is it comes to individual black workers in the united states. weapons of mass destruction has been found. the democrats found it. it was colin powell. okay? it's blowing up on the republicans. i wrote a piece about colin powell in 1995, an op ed for the "new york times," saying why colin powell is a bad choice for the gop to be the nominee. it was a long time ago when office lawyer. but again, i like colin powell, but i'm not really clear why he's a republican these days. it doe
and it's gone viral to diane feinstein, the senator from san francisco, from california. quote, i am not your subject. i am the man who keeps you free. i am not your servant. i am the person whom you serve. i am not your peasant. i am the flesh and blood of america. i am the man who fought for my country. i am the man who learned i am an american. he has god an ar 15 of his on. does he not want it taken away. >> alisyn: he went on it say in the letter was you will not tell me that i must register my semiautomatic ar 15 because of the action of some evil man. we've been talking about this and it is time for cooler heads to prevail. obviously people feel very passionately. this is probably the issue that people feel most passionately about and really gets people fired up. what i think would be more helpful for corporal boston to talk about is what the suggestions are. he's obviously a conscientious responsible gun owner. so as someone who appreciates using his semiautomatic weapon, what does he think would be most helpful to keep it out of the hands of a deranged 20-year-old or the tee
if aig signs on board with this $25 billion lawsuit against us. >> brian: yesterday in san francisco, it was time for current tv to meet their new owners, al-jazeera and they did. almost everyone was invited. the old owners of current tv met the new owners of current tv and together they introduced the employees to see who is going to stick around. one guy missing was al gore. just his partner l hyatt, was there. al gore didn't show, which did not surprise a lot of people that work for him. >> gretchen: apparently some of them are not so happy with the fact that al gore number one sold the business to al-jazeera because it is a little bit of a different kind of a player, so to speak, than current tv. of course, that's a liberal cable chapel. nobody really knows what al-jazeera will do with it other than we know what they coo with their broadcasts in the middle east. >> brian: it was characterized at the meeting not contentious, but miserable. >> steve: no kidding. it's funny, joy behair has a show on current tv. >> brian: if a tree falls in the woods, do you hear it? >> steve: appare
on the san francisco 49ers next sunday at 3:00 o'clock eastern. that's going to be the nfc championship game. then the afc championship game which will pit the new england patriots versus baltimore ravens. but we're not too worried about the super bowl just yet. right now the falcons fans are just enjoying what happened here yesterday. >> gretchen: thanks very much for that live report. i don't know if you were watching the game, but the other coach, called a timeout burks not before the guy could get the kickoff. and he missed he missed the field goal in sort of the practice and then made it. >> steve: with a a night. remember four years ago we noticed that the obama administration was naming all sorts of czars? we're wondering where czar are they now is this today we're featureing mr. rules. the regulatory czar. >> gretchen: from 2009 to 2012, during his term, federal regulations increased 7.4%. he resigned in august 2012. he's currently a harvard professor of law and director of behavioral economics. >> peter: he's going back to harvard. and he the president met at the university of chica
:20 a.m., san francisco. my financial situation improve this year? will i be able to buy a house? >> i love her question. first of all, pisces, best part of their life is the home. now, that means buying the house is a perfect idea. jupiter has been direct t. goes direct january 30. she will way the house. she needs to get it done by june 25. but there is a beautiful new moon in the beginning of june. so if it runs close to june, don't worry. i say she's getting the house. all pisces that had problems with money, it's going away. >> juliet: that sounds good. this is e-mail from jackie, mississippi. what should i focus on in 2013, born january 29, 1962. natchez, mississippi, 1:30 p.m. >> well, jackie has gemini rising. i hope she is in the communication business 'cause she's a brilliant thinker, writer, speaker. she has a whole line - up of planets in aquarius. she could work in politics. she can work on the internet, anything new, electronic, software, telecommunications. she has a brilliant chart. for all those aconveyer young planners -- aconveyerian planners, love, love. i haven't h
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)